Monday, August 31, 2009

CM-88B Transport "NOSTROMO"

We are proudly offering a one-of a kind resin "U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo" Model kit.
The kit is a retool of the Master molds purchased by us of the original A.E.F. Designs model kit.
Hundreds of hours of painstaking repairs and remolding has been put into the restoration of this classic kit. Our Nostromo has an impressive size of over 2' when finished, features over 150 cast resin parts. The front engine Nacelles, top docking module, engine inserts, and numerous other parts have been completely redone with modern silicon molds using exhaustive reference materials and confirmation of details from the actual designers and builders from the original 1979 studio model. Escape shuttle bays E-1 and E-2 have been incorporated into this fantastic new kit, as well as improved accuracy of general surface detailing, and VTOL-RETRO engine pitch.

This kit is recommended for the experienced builder with a general build time depending on your level of detailing of up to 250 hours.
Stock vinyl and landing strut components of brass, copper and aluminum are also included, as well as a large full color spiral bound reference book featuring actual photos of all three Studio models taken during filming. $315 through me, or on my ebay auction $370